Friday, March 26, 2004

Spring Break

Today is the first day of my spring break, which lasts through next week. Unfortunately, I'm incredibly behind on work and thus will be taking a short break from regular posting. I have three sets of papers (each consisting of ~80 2-3 page papers), one set of exams (160 of ‘em), and two week's worth of lab assignments to grade, three book chapters to review for a publisher (that were due last week), a bunch of handouts and lectures to prepare, and much housework that has been put off. I need to do all this before Wednesday, when I fly off to Philadelphia with my SO for a short vacation. Looks like it'll be another busy spring break.

Of course I don't feel too alone, since my students' plans for break generally consisted of two of the following three activities: sleep, work, and study (mostly for chemistry). Vacation was not a word in their vocabulary, sadly.

I apologize for the posting break; talk to you again soon!

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