Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Irrational fears

My SO and I are both practicing biologists (gee, put that way it sounds like a religion, doesn't it?). Considering that we work around animals and other biological materials on a daily basis, we should be free of biologically related phobias. But we aren't; hence this poll.

Which of the following fears/dislikes is most pathetic for a biologist?
Looking at dissected humans
Cleaning up moldy food
Reaching into the body cavity of a store-bought frozen chicken
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[update March 17, 2004: votes weren't being registered wtih my first poll provider (CreateaPoll), so the poll is now being run with a new provider (PollHost)]

[update April 16, 2004: I've made a post with the poll results, and updated the page to remove the ability to vote in the poll]

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