Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Poll providers

I posted up my very first poll last night, and awoke this morning excited to see the voting results. Instead of finding results, however, I found an IM from Semantic Compositions informing me that my poll wasn't working.

I initially decided on CreateaPoll as my poll provider, but it seems like their code didn't agree with Blogger. So, this morning I switched the poll to a new provider, PollHost. I apologize for any confusion or frustration that occurred with the initial poll; it should be fixed now.

I thought I'd list the various providers I've found so far (note: this list is probably far from complete):
  • PollHost: Free, no paid version, ad-supported via ads on the results page, results on a separate html page, and they claim to prevent multiple voting. Their examples make it look like you can't view the results without voting, but there is an option to add a "view" button when making a poll. This is my current provider, and they seem to work with Blogger after a bit of fiddling.
  • Sparklit's webpoll: Free, option for a paid version, results appear on a separate page that may contain ads, and they have the ability to leave comments on the results page.
  • FreePolls: Has both free and pay service, results appear on a separate html page, and it's ad supported when free (with a notice that popup ads may be served directly from the poll).
  • CreateaPoll: Free, no paid version, results appear in popup window. This was my first provider, and they didn't seem to work with Blogger (though I may have missed something).

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