Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Grading and construction surprises

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day of wrapping up a few loose grading ends at school and then checking to make sure the window installer was coming on Friday. Unfortunately it turns out that my lecture assistant at school had mis-entered three different assignments' grades, and thus I had to help her manually go back over all the papers. We got everything straightened out by the end of the day, however, so I'm now officially done with the spring semester. Yipee.

Then, after getting home, the window installer called and said that his crew would be showing up tomorrow at 9am to start work. Normally a contractor showing up early would be great, but we'd planned on spending the next two days cleaning out the rooms they're going to be working in, so we got to do that tonight (in lieu of, say, writing blog posts about our travels). The contractor also said that while getting the permit the city mandated some changes to the job, so our bedroom window will not be able to be in the position we'd wanted. We were hoping to expand the window one foot to both the left and right, but the city apparently says that the window is too close to the corner of the house and thus we can expand it in only one direction (away from the corner). There's enough room to work with, but unfortunately this means that a part of the window will likely be behind a door. Oh well.

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