Thursday, June 03, 2004

Window installation hiccups

Yesterday I woke up at 7:30 am to finish up some drywall removal in the master bathroom before our contractor's team arrived at 9:30 am to start installing new windows. We'd confirmed, last week, with our window company (1st Windows) that the windows would be delivered yesterday, and our contractor called the night before and again confirmed that they'd be delivered yesterday, even getting a time estimate of 1-3 pm. My SO and I were psyched as wood was cut and drywall was ripped out; progress was finally being made and in a few days we'd have new windows. Then, if all went well, next week the bathroom would be drywalled.

The new framing was largely in place for all three windows when, around 3 pm, we got a call from 1st Windows saying that our windows were still in Oregon and would not be delivered until at least the eighth of this month. The company said they'd try to see if they could speed things up and that they'd get back to me later, but I still hadn't heard anything by noon today. I called the company today at noon and they didn't have any clear answers; they've supposedly talked to the window manufacturer and they're trying to see if a local plant could make the windows, but they have nothing certain yet. Needless to say I am not happy with 1st Windows and Milgard (the window manufacturer) right now.

The workers have patched things up so there are no holes in the walls (the old windows had not been removed yet, but some siding had been), and we're now in limbo while we wait to hear when our windows will be delivered. Unfortunately my SO and I have a multi-week trip to the Pacific Northwest and Canada starting around the ninth of this month, so this delivery problem could end up delaying our window installation by more than a month, and might also cause problems for our trip because we have to be home for the window delivery.

[Update Monday June 7, 2004 (5:30 pm): We have heard nothing from 1st Windows since this post.]

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