Monday, June 28, 2004

June 10, 2004: Hourly Pictures

We woke up around 8:30am at our motel in Willows, CA, had a quick "continental breakfast" (the best aspect of which was that it was free), and then drove north on I-5 to Olympia, Washington [ed. note 6/27/04: little did we know at the time that this was to be the best free hotel breakfast we'd get on the entire trip]. Today we experienced something rare for Californians: we drove through an entire state from south to north in one day. Odd.

Probably the most frustrating part of the day was that apparently Evergreen, some college here in Olympia, was having their graduation this weekend and thus almost every hotel room in the city was booked. However, we eventually found a relatively cheap one, so we were happy.

What follows are our hourly pictures from the day.

06-10-04: 0900 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1000 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1100 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1200 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1300 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1400 (now in Oregon) Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1500 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1600 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1700 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1800 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 1900 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 2000 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 2100 Posted by Hello

06-10-04: 2200 Posted by Hello

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PZ Myers
I really didn't need pictures of the view from I-5. I used to live in Eugene, with family in Seattle, and the boring drive on I-5 was one of the least memorable parts of living in the Pacific Northwest.
July 1, 2004, 11:02:51 AM PDT