Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Applying for a community college job: The grand conclusion

[This is post 9 of 9 in a series exploring how to apply for a full-time community college teaching position. See this page for links to all the posts in the series.]

After I've written so much, it feels as though this series needs some sort of conclusion. I've explored everything from the basic outline of how a hiring committee works to details of how to ensure that committee members who think a particular applicant is qualified can justify that belief to other committee members. However, there are probably two pieces of advice that I feel are the most important, so I'll repeat them here:
  1. Read the job ad thoroughly, and base your entire application on demonstrating that you have the qualifications asked for in the advertisement.
  2. Make your application very, very easy to read and use, yet detail-rich.
If you do those two things (and are qualified for the job), you'll drastically increase your chances of getting an interview, which is where you can finally show the committee what you're made of, and blow them away with your amazing teaching skills and vast stores of knowledge.

Good luck!

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