Friday, January 30, 2004

Back online in CA

We're finally moved! The move took longer than planned, but we're here. We were originally planning on leaving Tuesday, but packing and my SO's work schedule delayed that. We ended up doing the drive on Wednesday after about 4 hours of sleep in our empty house, using down jackets as blankets (the real blankets, mattress, and pillows were all packed). Then, after arriving in CA around midnight, we had to wake up early, unload the truck, and return the truck before the deadline, after which I had to head into work for the rest of the afternoon. Isn't moving fun?

I have gleaned from this experience one good study tip for anyone taking Human A&P: move. Focus on heavy items like washers, fridges, and boxes of textbooks. After about 3 days you'll know the positions of all your muscles by heart; trust me.

On a more personal note, I'm amazed at the wonderful feeling that comes of knowing neither of us has to catch a plane or drive away in a few days. It's, well, odd. But nice. Very nice.

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Radagast said...

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Semantic Compositions

I vaguely recall a torture scene in some movie where the torturer says something like "There are 215 bones in the human body, and I know how to break each one." Here's hoping you forget where all those muscles are soon!