Saturday, January 10, 2004


I woke up early this morning, and watched a full episode of CHiPs. I absolutely loved CHiPs as a kid, and watching it this morning reminded me why this is one of the many shows that fit into my "I can't believe I actually watched this" category. The plotting is terrible (at one point the officers are chasing a hijacked bus, but then drive a car onto 2 wheels and completely forget about the chase, letting the hijackers get away), the extras were completely unbelievable (bus passengers who are being hijacked look like they're being shown a movie on the minutiae of paint drying), there was so much superfluous "action" that the actual plot took less than half the episode, and the dialogue was just bad.

However, after doing some searching online I discovered a few redeeming factors for CHiPs. First, Michael Dorn (of Worf fame) was on the show as a regular for a few years, though he's hardly recognizable beneath the 70's moustache. And second, who couldn't love a show with such stunning episode titles as, "Drive, Lady, Drive" (parts I and II), "Go-Cart Terror", and "Valley Go Home!".

And heck, even though it was a terrible show, I must admit that I had a blast watching it :)

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