Friday, January 16, 2004

Two good articles

Now that I know I'll be heading out of town for most of next week, I need to start focusing on packing boxes for my upcoming move. Of course, instead of packing boxes or working on syllabi I've been reading blogs. So, here are two good articles I've found that should make a fine morning's read:

Parasitic wasps "mating" with flowers: A great article by Carl Zimmer about how some orchids fool male parasitic wasps into attempting to mate with them. Absolutely fascinating biology! (of course I say that about every parasite Zimmer brings up, but we'll ignore that)

Evolution of the ASPM gene: Post by Pharyngula looking at evidence that the human primate lineage has had strong selection for the ASPM gene, a gene that may be the cause of our larger brains.

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