Monday, January 26, 2004

Still packing

My SO is currently at work, and I'm awake and packing. Normally this wouldn't be unusual, but unfortunately we have both been awake since 8am yesterday morning. We pick up our rental truck mid-day today, and have some friends coming by in the afternoon to help us load, so we have to get all our work done and everything packed and ready to go by today. My SO's spent most of the day at work; the sole break was picking me up at the airport (and having dinner afterwards). Fun fun :) Oh, adding to the joy is that all of this work is going unpaid – the grant my SO was working under ran out, so all the time has been on a volunteer basis.

I'm quickly running out of things to pack, so unfortunately my computer will probably be the next to see a box. We'll hopefully arrive in California on Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning, and I'll try to post an update then. Have a great week!

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