Sunday, April 09, 2006


I just got finished wading through pages upon pages of tax forms and IRS legalese; I don't mind paying taxes (really), but doing the paperwork just makes me grumpy, especially since I spent all of a perfectly good Sunday on it. Ugh.

This article in the New York Times motivated me to calculate my tax savings due to Bush's investment income tax cut. That particular tax cut saves individuals with incomes over $10 million an average of $500,000 in taxes; I saved $11. I don't want it.

So, I'm going to be sending my $11 to the Bureau of the Public Debt to help reduce the national debt. Assuming my payment were received today, this would cut the publicly held debt to $4,895,394,650,264.20 (down from $4,895,394,650,275.20 on April 6th); of course the debt seems to increase by hundreds of millions of dollars a day, so I suspect that my $11 isn't going to do much.

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