Friday, April 21, 2006

Proposing an online course

I just posted that I'm swamped with work, so thought I'd share one of the things I'm working on.

Probably the most exciting thing on my desk is a proposal to turn my majors' biology course into a hybrid online course. My plan is to teach the lecture online (maybe with a single meeting in-person each week as a discussion section), while teaching the lab entirely in-person. My motivation for this comes partially from the Innovations meeting (tag: Innovations), where I met a lot of faculty who adamantly felt that online education was better than in-person (they were very convincing). I'm also slowly realizing that, while I enjoy lecturing, most of the time I'm just rattling off information that could easily be posted online. I even have a suspicion that teaching the information online might be more effective than lecturing on it.

I at least want to give running my course online a shot, but I can't even try unless this proposal gets approved (and even then I won't be able to teach the course entirely online for at least a year). And, of course, the proposal is due within the week.

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