Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rhosgobel's essential tags

The advantage of using tags to organize my posts is that I can use any word as a tag; there's no limit to how many tags I can create, or how many tags a single post can have. This flexibility allows for very fine-grained organization of my posts. However, this is also a disadvantage, as I could quickly create thousands of unique tags that do nothing to organize the content of the site. So, to try to keep my tags organized, I've created a list of key tags that I'll try to use regularly:
  • science
  • biology
  • teaching - Experiences teaching at a community college, teaching tips, educational technology, etc.
  • research - Posts about my own research, research techniques, or research papers
  • politics
  • cooking
  • linux - All things relating to Linux and open-source software
  • photo - Posts with my own photographs
  • personal - Posts looking at the personal side of things, including personal updates (being sick, being busy, etc.)
  • house - Posts related to our house: remodeling, gardening, cleaning, etc.
  • fun - Humor, games, survey memes, etc.
  • blogging - Posts that look at blogging itself
I'll use other tags when they're relevant (and those other tags will likely be useful for finding specific content), but the list above should serve as a basic framework for exploring my posts.

[The links above lead to my pages for each of the tags.]

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