Friday, April 14, 2006

Want to join an elite group? Start blogging.

This article in the New York Times focuses on the elderly "more experienced" among us blogging, and has these interesting data about bloggers:
According to a recent report by the Perseus Development Corporation, a research company that studies online trends, the Internet is home to approximately 54.3 million blogs, nearly 60 percent written by people younger than 19. Just 0.3 percent of blogs are run by people 50 or older ...
The article also debunks the myth that bloggers are antisocial people who spend all their time in front of a computer:
Still, does all this online activity isolate people from the real world? No, says a recent report called "The Strength of Internet Ties" by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, a nonprofit group that studies the effects of the Web. According to the report, "The Internet is enabling people to maintain existing ties, often to strengthen them and, at times, to forge new ties. The time that most people spend online reduces the time they spend on the relatively unsocial activities of watching TV and sleeping."
So, here's a message to the parental units I've talked with about blogging: start. You know you want to.

[And, as a side note, I'll second that comment about sleep.]

(via Blogger Buzz)

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