Thursday, June 29, 2006

The arthropod invasion begins

BoingBoing has linked to an exceptionally cool video of a centipede catching a bat.

Soon, all the arthropods will join together, flex the joints in their exoskeletons, and decide that these lousy chordates are just too annoying. At that point, it'll be all over for the little lineage that thought it was big. After all, if centipedes can catch a bat (and we all know how well bats fly), catching F-14s can't be far behind.

Oh, and for those who aren't sure about the difference between centipedes and millipedes, centipedes are predatory (and have one pair of legs per body segment) while most millipedes are detritivores (and have two pairs of legs per body segment). So, it's the centipedes we'll have to look out for in the invasion; the millipedes will just empty out all of our compost bins.

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