Monday, June 19, 2006

Cooking Tip #23

Don't invert and shake a sealed container of hot, freshly made soy milk. If you do, the near boiling contents of the container may become pressurized and spray everywhere, including:
  • All over the counter
  • Onto the floor
  • Onto the cabinets
  • Onto the bags of fruit you just unloaded from your trip to the store
  • Into the opened dishwasher full of clean, drying dishes
  • Onto the drainer full of more clean dishes
  • All over your and your SO's clothes and legs
And, don't forget the most fun consequence: a strong spray of hot liquid and steam will be propelled directly onto the bottom of your wrist (which was attached to the hand you were using to hold the container). This will cause your skin to turn a nice rosy red, and it will feel as though someone taped the contents of a few dozen habanero peppers onto your wrist for the next two hours.


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