Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New blogger here we come!

Google finally encouraged me to upgrade to the new Blogger (by forcing me, but we'll ignore that). I was excited about the new version, but hadn't upgraded yet because I wasn't sure how Haloscan's comments would transfer (I didn't want to risk losing all my old comments); it looks like I shouldn't have worried, as Blogger has let me keep my old template, complete with my old Haloscan code. That said, I wonder if I should figure out some way to switch over to Blogger's commenting system1, as it looks like I could then play with some of Blogger's new template features2.

I'll likely be trying out new features in the weeks to come, so if something looks broken (or is broken), please let me know.

1 This post implies that it's possible to show both Blogger's and Haloscan's comments at the same time; I wonder if that might be a good way to transition.
2 To use the new template features I need to upgrade to the new style of template, which I gather won't be happy with my old Haloscan code. Haloscan does have a way to embed comments into Blogger's new style of templates, but there seem to be a number of people having problems with Haloscan's solution. So, if I'm going to go through the trouble of upgrading my comment system, it seems like I might as well just switch to the built-in one.

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