Thursday, February 22, 2007

Teaching link - baby mouse development

I'm insanely busy this week coordinating a visit by multiple out-of-state advisers for one of our programs1, but my SO found something that made me smile amidst the mountains of work: a series of daily pictures of mouse development. If you want to talk about mouse development post-birth, or need illustrations for what mice look like at various ages (from 1 - 28 days), this would be a great resource.

And, if you absolutely must see more pictures of mice, go take a look at my pictures of baby mice and adult mice.

1 Yet again I'm swamped with work, and yet again it's unrelated to my classroom teaching. One of these semesters I've got to learn to say no to anything unrelated to the classroom so I can actually have time to work on improving my teaching ...

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