Sunday, February 11, 2007


So far this hasn't been a bad semester (there hasn't been any bad news like last semester), but it's been a busy one. A good example of how the semester's gone was today: by the end of the day I'd crossed 24 items off my to-do list and sent 40 e-mails, but still had more than a dozen things left to do.

While I used to hate keeping to-do lists, I like them now, as I find they help keep me organized and de-stressed. While my short-term lists are typically on paper, I transfer anything that I don't complete in a day or two onto a longer-term list I keep in But She's a Girl's program Tracks. While I did install Tracks on my Debian box, I'm now running it on rented server space, meaning that I can access it wherever I am. Given that I've been using Tracks for more than a year now, I'd say that it's proven to be a useful program; try it out if you're looking for an easy-to-use web-based to-do list management system.

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