Saturday, October 23, 2004

More Mouse Pictures!

Since I'm sure my dedicated readers can't wait to see more of the baby mice, I obligingly took more pictures this afternoon. I wouldn't want to disappoint my readership, after all :)

We're seeing a lot more of the babies now that they're 12 - they're big enough that we can see them crawling around inside the nest box, and every now and then a cute little nose pokes out from the entrance to the nest.

Mouse nose
A baby mouse nose poking out from the nest tin.

Some of the babies have even gotten daring and left the nest: Ace, Deuce, and Runt have all explored the cage a bit. Each baby has primarily explored around the sides of the nest tin, trying to pry their way behind it (which they can't), though they've also wobbled a few inches toward the other side of the cage before turning around and retreating to the side of the nest box.

We've also chosen a name for mom-mouse: Rem. The name comes from the anime series Trigun (and thus is pronounced with the Japanese r/l consonant sound); Rem is a dark-haired, motherly figure who cares for the young Vash and Knives in the show.

Mom looking down at baby
Rem looking down at Runt, who is beside the nest tin.

The picture above makes Rem look a lot more caring than she often is when the babies are exploring: most of the time she's just off in the other half of the cage ignoring them.

As always there're more pictures on my Flickr page. I also shot a few short videos of Runt exploring and cleaning itself today (I used the video setting of my digital camera), though since each video is rather large, and I don't have good video editing software, I'm not sure if I'll post them.

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