Wednesday, October 20, 2004

They've got fur!

The baby mice are all (except for Runt) covered in an exceptionally soft layer of fur that feels softer than the softest velvet. Now that they're got fur they're definitely looking a lot more like mice (instead of miniature hippos).

Eight day old mouse babies
Clockwise, starting at the left: Runt, Wide Stripey, Ace, hind end of either Genie or Narrow Stripey, and Deuce at the center of the pile.

They're getting more coordinated by the day: they can now scratch their ears and actually hit their ears, they can almost walk short distances, their cleaning behaviors are starting to kick in, and they're yawning regularly, which is darling. They also love to try to dig beneath their siblings:

Eight day old mouse babies
From left to right in the front: Wide Stripey, Genie, and Ace. Notice that Ace has burrowed underneath Genie.

And, because I really should get to bed, we'll top off this post with a picture of a baby mouse face and paw:

Three eight day old mouse babies
From left to right: Wide Stripey, Ace, and Deuce

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