Wednesday, October 27, 2004

They're two weeks old!

The babies have passed the two week mark, and to celebrate the occasion they opened their eyes! Actually, all of the babies opened their eyes on day 13 except for Runt, but on day 14 even Runt opened its eyes. Having their eyes open makes them look a lot more like mice.

Mouse baby sitting
Wide Stripey taking a short break from exploring.

The babies are much more adventurous now that their eyes are open. Deuce seems like the most active of the bunch - it was the first mouse to crawl up my arm (which was vertical at the time) and explore my shoulders, and usually is the first mouse out of the nest tin. However, all the mice are quite willing to wander far from our hands and the nest tin now, and they seem to love testing how far they can lean over a slope before slipping off, as well as trying to squeeze into every little space they can find (and then, if it's cozy enough, curling up and sleeping in it).

Mouse baby crawling up
Wide Stripey climbing a "mountain" on its 14th birthday.

Tonight I was handling three babies, and after they walked around my lap for about half an hour, they all chose a different spot to curl up and take a nap in.

We also bought a a new cage setup for the mice yesterday, which they seem to be enjoying. I'll talk more about that in another post, though.

As always there's more pictures on my Flickr page:
Mouse baby crawling down Mouse baby cleaning itself Mouse nursing a 14 day old baby

Note: all of these pictures were taken on Monday night.

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