Friday, October 22, 2004

They're 10 today!

The baby mice are now ten days old, and thus it's time for some more cute baby pictures.

A handful of 10 day old mouse babies
Clockwise from the left: Deuce, Runt, Wide Stripey, Ace, Narrow Stripey, and Genie.

The babies were much more active tonight than previously (though they still spent most of their time napping on our hands). They're fastidious cleaners, cleaning both themselves and their siblings, and they do it all by feel and smell, since their eyes haven't opened yet. They loved shakily exploring my cupped hands: crawling onto my fingers, then crawling back and sniffing across that impassable junction of hand and wrist, before heading to curl up in my palm. I even got to share nose-sniffs with a few of them.

Mouse baby cleaning itself
A 10 day old mouse baby, most likely Ace, cleaning its hind paw.

If you're interested, I've got a few more pictures at my Flickr page.

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