Wednesday, November 03, 2004


My hope for a positive outcome faded last night as I realized that the popular vote totals, and even apparently the electoral vote totals, were adding up for Bush. There is still hope, and like Pharyngula I have not given it up yet (and I hope that Kerry does not give up either, though reports indicate he may have), but I am distraught.

I am left wondering how more than half of my voting countrymen and women could have voted for an administration that is so obviously flawed, when there was a viable option that was so much better. Kerry was going to bring sanity and respect back to an office that has had so little of it these past four years, and I am disturbed that a majority of people in this country decided to vote against that.

Ever since 2000 I have consoled myself by hoping (and believing) that Bush would be a one term president, that we would see the error of our ways in 2004. I was wrong, and now I have nothing left to console me for the next four years.

I despair for our future.

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