Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Birthday!

Our baby mice turned one month old today! So, for a change of pace from my recent posts, I thought I'd post up some cute baby mouse pictures. These pictures were all taken last Friday; I haven't had time to get them posted due to all my recent election-related posting (I can't help it if I'm easily distracted).

The first thing you'll notice about the babies is how big they've gotten:

Narrow Stripey looking away
Narrow Stripey (tentatively renamed Meryl)

If you're wondering why the hand in that picture looks all shiny and wet, that's because we've developed a super-secret new method for getting the babies to walk onto our hands: feed them ice cream.

Five baby mice eating ice cream
Five babies around a hand with some melted vanilla ice cream in it.

Of course, the problem with feeding them ice cream to get them into your hands is that sometimes you get, well, a handful:

Five babies in two hands
Five baby mice in two hands. From left to right: Vash (the mouse formerly known as Runt), Narrow Stripey (tentatively renamed Meryl), Wide Stripey, Athos (aka Ace, in front), and D'Artagnan (aka Deuce).

What's especially fun is to compare the above pictures to when they were only six days old (link to picture), when they could easily fit into one hand.

The babies have also developed a keen sense of adventure, and as soon as they crawl onto anyone they try to go everywhere. D'Artagnan recently climbed up my ear to get onto the top of my head, Genie likes to crawl down the backs of people's shirts, and most of them seem to love crawling into shirt sleeves:

A baby mouse poking its nose out

And, as a final picture, here's Rem, the proud mother of six who has done all the work to get these babies up to their one month birthday. I think she deserves a big treat tonight.


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