Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Microbiology image library

The American Society for Microbiology has a microbe library that contains lots of resources for educators and students. While many of the materials require a subscription (which I do not have), the site has a free image library that includes such cool things as an animated gram stain, a detailed diagram of the lifecycle of Yersinia pestis, and pictures (and videos!) of a nematode-trapping fungus (so much for all that "fungi are all detritivores" nonsense). All of the images, animations, and videos I've found so far include a detailed summary of what's in the media, making the site very useful.

Making things even better is that the materials are freely available for educational uses, such as:
1) classroom purposes such as faculty presentations and course notes, student presentations and projects; 2) laboratory manuals or handout packets that are assembled by faculty for a single course and disseminated at cost to students enrolled in the course by the faculty or third party vendor such as a campus bookstore; and 3) websites for non-commercial educational purposes. Visual Resources are also available for one time media use without further permission.

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