Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why our prior homeowners are idiots, reasons 138 and 139

Reason 138:

My SO was awakened this morning by a lovely sound: that of our house falling apart.

A nice way to wake up

Prior to 6:50am today, those shelf brackets were actually square with the wall, and supported a shelf and lots of clothes. Luckily (for me), I was already awake when the brackets decided that the wall was no longer the supportive, caring structure that it once was; unluckily (for my SO), this shelf was installed at the foot of our bed, in which my SO was still soundly sleeping. And yes, the shelves were installed by none other than our prior homeowners.

Reason 139:

We're doing a major reorganization of our garage this week, part of which entailed removing a 2'x4' section of peg board from a wall so we could move some cabinets (with the eventual goal of setting up a large garage organizer). When we removed the peg board, we found a little present:

Remove a board, find some old car care items!

How can one manage to install a peg board and not notice that there are car-care products still on the wall? (oh, wait, I know the answer to that ... I saw this house before our prior owners moved out)

Cans from behind a board

Some owners find priceless antiques stored in their attics; we find Johnson's holiday car washing cream hidden away in our garage. Anyone have any idea what era these products date to?

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