Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rhosgobel turns two!

A quick check of the archives reveals that, even though I can't possibly have been blogging for two years, the title is indeed accurate; way back on January 8, 2004 I hesitantly typed out my very first post.

The longer I blog, the more I realize that one of the joys of having a blog is that I can look back and be reminded of things I've done and been interested in. My SO will happily inform you that I often focus most of my mental energy on tasks I have yet to complete, and thus being able to look back into the past (and, say, create the 2005 Rhosgobel Index) is nice.

Of course, another benefit of blogging is the interaction I get with everyone who reads this blog, be it family, friends, or people who only know me through this site. So, I'd like to thank you, kind reader, for taking the time to visit here; it's an honor knowing that my words are read thousands of times a month.

This also seems like a good opportunity to acknowledge a person who's contributed a lot to the blog: my SO. My SO brings many interesting things to my attention and edits many of my posts (improving them exponentially).

Since last year's birthday post included my annual site statistics, it seems only appropriate to do so here. Once again I'm amazed at how many people drop by.

2005 annual traffic

It's been a fun two years; I'm looking forward to the next one.

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