Sunday, January 15, 2006

A view of the trip

Last night, while watching "Wal*Mart - The High Cost of Low Price" (a good look at Wal*Mart's bad business practices, though I would have preferred the movie had stuck to presenting the facts of why Wal*Mart isn't a good company and left out some of the attempts at heart-rending stories), my SO's parents' cat decided that she wanted some of my milk:

Gruff drinking milk
How undignified.

Gruff licking her chops
I'm not going to argue with those teeth ...

Another interesting occurrence was that, on the way home from Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse (an excellent barbeque restaurant in Philadelphia) it got very cold and some white stuff began falling from the sky. The locals informed me that it was called "snow", and made up of frozen water (the craziest things happen when you leave California). After a short while it began sticking to the ground, and when I woke up this morning it was all over the place.


The trip has been superb so far from a gastronomic perspective. On the way home from the airport (less than an hour after arriving in Philadelphia) my SO's parents stopped by their favorite local cheesesteak place and picked us up some cheesesteaks (with gooey melted American cheese and fried onions, of course) and a garlic pizza. Then it was fresh bagels the next morning, followed shortly by Memphis baby back ribs at Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse in the evening.

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