Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Beastly Words or Wordly Beasts?

If you've ever wondered why pens cry, jack asses are always male, siverback bands aren't something attached to watches, and finding a rhino crash doesn't necessarily mean that you'll find any dented rhino bumpers, Melissa Kaplan's Beastly Garden of Wordly Delights is the place for you. The Beastly Garden of Wordly Delights contains, among other things, a list of the plurals, collective nouns, sounds, gender descriptors, and offspring names for a wide array of animals.

After perusing the list I'm not sure which I'd rather see: a cloud of bats, a sleuth of bears, a wake of buzzards, a clutter of cats, an army of caterpillars (hah!), a peep of peeping chicks, a gulp of cormorants, a rag of colts, a convocation of eagles, an elk gang, a skein of geese, an exaltation of larks, an owl parliament, a rattlesnake rhumba, a snake rave, or a dazzle of zebras. One thing I have seen recently, however, is a cawroboree of cawing crows on campus.

Oh my, this is just too much fun. Take it away, Semantic Compositions (nudge nudge).

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