Friday, April 16, 2004

Irrational fears, pt. 2

And the most pathetic fear for a biologist is ... drum roll please ... reaching into the cavity of a store bought chicken [cue wild cheering], which received seven votes; 44% of the total. Chicken-reaching was followed by both spiders and cleaning up moldy food, which received four votes each (25%), and closing out the list was looking at dissected humans with one vote (6%). If we count Pharyngula's inability to decide between two choices as half votes for each, then the final totals are
  • Chicken-reaching: 7 (41%)
  • Spiders: 4.5 (26%)
  • Moldy food: 4 (24%)
  • Dissected human looking: 1.5 (9%)
Now my SO and I will both have more data to back up our respective claims that the other person's fears are more pathetic. To be fair, neither of us is so afraid of these items that we can't work around them; we just prefer that the non-fearful one of us deals with them whenever possible.

Thanks much to everyone who participated!

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