Wednesday, April 28, 2004

How cheap is our tuition?

While talking with Semantic Compositions yesterday I did a quick calculation to see how much my students paid in tuition. For the calculation let's assume that I teach a 180 student three-unit lecture and four twenty eight student one-unit labs each semester (my current load). California community college tuition is currently $18/unit, so that works out to be a total of $23,472 in total fees that students pay to take my classes each year (we have no lab fees). To give you an idea of what that will pay for, that's less than half of my annual salary not including benefits, and last I checked there was a lot more to running a college than just paying faculty.

Even though our tuition is cheap, I still pine for the days of $0 tuition; just pay for your books and you can take the classes. How cool.

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