Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Tangled Bank

Pharyngula has started a biology and medicine version of the Carnival of the Vanities, calling it The Tangled Bank. The Tangled bank is designed to give biology and medicine bloggers a chance to highlight their recent work. Every week participants will e-mail their most interesting post of the week to the host of the week, with the host putting up a summary of all the submissions. Hosting will rotate around blogs, with Pharyngula organizing things for now.

Phanyngula is asking for volunteers to contact him. He's interested in finding more hosts for the project, as well as submissions of posts for inclusion in the first edition (to come out Wednesday the 21st). If you're worried about being of a high enough caliber to be included, keep in mind that he's invited me to participate, so he must be letting anyone into this thing. :)

Since you can't be anything in the blogosphere without one of those nifty little 80x15 buttons, here's some I whipped up with the button maker:

Tangled Bank Button Tangled Bank Button Tangled Bank Button

And since everything can't be white text on a grayed out background, here's some that are a bit different:

Tangled Bank Button Tangled Bank Button

My favorites are probably the upper left two, though all of these break the convention of the bar being 25 pixels from the left, and are about as original as Wonder Bread, so more work is probably needed.

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