Saturday, April 17, 2004

Notional Slurry

It's funny how fate works. Today I finally had a bit of time to catch up on some blogs I hadn't read since my Philadelphia trip, and while reading Apt. 11d found a link to an article discussing information overload over on Notional Slurry. I enjoyed the article, browsed a bit, and pondered adding a link to the site. Then, after some unrelated browsing on Technorati, I found that Notional Slurry had already linked to me.

A few highlights of Notional Slurry's blog that I've found so far are his categories on eBay (e.g. price ratchets), nanohistory (e.g. bloomers), links (e.g. his link to the very Tuftean Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music), and houses. I have much sympathy for his house buying negotiations; they remind me a lot of buying our current house, which like his house, has apparently been lived in by many people who believed they were significantly more skilled at house repair than they actually were.

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