Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I'm home ... finally

After a three-hour drive to Boston, a three-hour wait in the airport (my mom overestimated the drive time and security line length), an hour and a half wait on the tarmac, and a six-hour flight, I'm home. (For those who are mathematically disinclined that's a total of thirteen and a half hours.)

I flew on Jet Blue, and was pleasantly surprised by a number of things. Since I've had a few flights recently that didn't serve any food at all, I stocked up for the long, hungry journey, only to discover that Jet Blue does provide snacks in-flight. I'd brought a ton of reading materials, so I didn't watch the free TV too much, but it was nice to be able to take a break from my reading at times (of note is that regular headphones work with Jet Blue's jacks, and they encourage you to bring on your own high-quality headphones if you desire). The TV monitor also doubled as a flight-progress indicator that provided near real-time information on position, altitude, and speed.

Jet blue screen showing flight progress

They cycled between three different maps: the one shown above, one that showed detail of the state we were currently over, and a third showing an even closer view. It was a very cool feature, though one does wonder if the size of the plane is actually to-scale ...

Today I had a very pleasant security screening experience. To start off, I was the only person in the entire screening area (other than security guards). There was no line, and nobody behind me. The guards politely recommended that I take off my Birkenstock sandals, but did NOT insist, unlike other security personnel I've encountered. When my sandals caused the metal detector to go off, the guards just had me put my sandals onto the x-ray machine belt and go back through the metal detector again, and when I didn't set it off they let me go on my way. I have nothing but compliments for that security screening team.

I've got more to write, but it's going to have to wait for later as I'm quite tired from the trip and I want to go spend time with my SO, who is sitting right next to me. It's just wonderful to be home ...

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