Sunday, August 08, 2004

It's Sunday ... I'm in New York!

Today my mom and I finished the major portion of our drive, making it to her new home town of Albany, New York. Of course we're not quite finished driving yet, as on Tuesday we'll head to Boston for my flight home, but it feels like we're done with the drive today.

Making things a bit less welcoming is that the condo my mom is buying has still not closed escrow, so she's going to have to stay in a hotel for at least a week while that transaction finishes. Considering that it was a 45 day escrow to begin with, and that the close has been pushed back almost two weeks beyond that, she's understandably frustrated.

Most of the past few days have been spent driving, as we headed straight from Rapid City, South Dakota to Niagara Falls, New York. We then took a day off from driving and toured the Niagara Falls area a bit (which I'll write more about later), and then drove here today. My mom's definitely been getting tired of the drive, and I've been told by others that I should have expected to get weary of the drive, but I've been loving it. There's so much to see: changing scenery, pretty towns, agricultural fields, beautiful forests (especially in New York and Pennsylvania), neat biological and geological phenomena, and lots of other cars. How could you get bored when there's so much to see?

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