Friday, August 13, 2004

Some new referrals

While I was off gallivanting across the country I missed a few new referrals to my site:
  • A German message board post linked to me as a reference clarifying the multiple ovulation media story that was circulating a while ago; how flattering. In reading the post (with my SO's help, as she speaks some German) I'm struck by how similar German and English are. Take, for instance, "Zervixschleim", which sounds very much like "cervix slime" in English, which is pretty close to what cervical mucous actually is.

  • ShortNorthMama has a similar reaction to the Bush Yakuza ad as I did, and linked to me for the "photoshop play by play". Thanks to ShortNorthMama, I guess I'm now officially an anime junkie (which would shock my friends, as I've probably watched the least anime of any of them).

  • Wolverine Tom, a geology major, has added me to his blogroll, and seeing as he has a great post about the animals of Death Valley, I think I'll add him to mine.
In other news, I've now had more than 5,000 unique visits to my site. Thanks to everyone who's visited and commented here!

[Note: my apologies to anyone whose referrals I've missed; my referral log only keeps the most recent 100 visits, so I missed a lot while on my recent trips.]

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