Thursday, August 12, 2004

Summary of the states in 235 words

Having just returned from my first ever cross-country drive, I thought I'd provide a brief summary of the various states I drove through, motivated in part by the 1,000 word summary of the Silmarillion.

California: Plane flight. Traffic. More traffic. Even more traffic. Ooh, rocky mountains covered in pines.
Nevada: Hmm, no more pines. Shrubs. Dry shrubs. Even more dry shrubs. Neat examples of habitat zonation, though.
Utah: Wow, flat. Anyone need some salt? Big Mormon city. Pretty canyon [Logan canyon].
Idaho: Dry. No more pretty canyon. Cool mountains over there.
Wyoming: Oh hey, here are the mountains. Now these are canyons, and these are mountains. Cool, hot springs. Oooh, even cooler mountains.
South Dakota: More shrubland. Pretty tree-filled valleys. Hey, there's a face in that rock. Oh look, more faces in that mountain over there. Motorcycles ahoy!
Minnesota: Corn. What looks like soybeans. Pretty tree-surrounded farmhouses and barns.
Wisconsin: More corn. More soybeans. Ooh, neat rivers.
Illinois: More corn. More soybeans. More trees. Ack, big city! Big building! Stupid trafficky toll roads costing money.
Indiana: Ahh, no big city anymore. Pretty lake. More corn. More soybeans.
Ohio: More trees. Gee, what do you know? More corn. More soybeans. Eep! 35mph turn on the interstate! [I can't think of "Ohio" without hearing it pronounced as done by Campbell and The Nails in "88 lines about 44 women"]
Pennsylvania: Oooh, now these are trees and forests. Hey look, another lake.
New York: Grapes?!? Oh look, a waterfall. Oooh, old fort. Tall lighthouse. Another pretty lake. Even more forests.
Massachusetts: Rolling hills covered in forests, how cool. Is that an airport?

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