Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Exam writing

I spent most of this evening writing my first exam of the semester ... whee. I refuse to give only multiple choice exams in my classes, so much thought had to be put into which essay questions I could ask of my 180 students yet still retain my sanity post-grading. I think I've got a few good questions, but who knows. If you're curious, this exam ended up being about 60% multiple choice to 40% essay (based on points assigned).

All this exam writing has reminded me why I completely agree with Pharyngula's take on exams.

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Radagast said...

Importing comments:

PZ Myers
And I get to write another one this weekend, myself.

My last exam was 30% mc (about the limits my students can take -- my mc questions tend to be kinda evil), and no essay questions. I went for a lot of short answer questions, a few fill-in-the-blank things, and a couple of problems.
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