Friday, February 27, 2004

Grocery Store Strike

It looks like the grocery store strike in California may be over (see this detailed LA Times article; free registration required). The strike has continued since October 11, with workers at Vons and Pavilions (owned by Safeway) going on strike followed by Ralphs and Albertsons locking out their unionized workers. Because I try to keep non-science politics out of this blog, this is not a post about the details of the settlement or the correctness of either side. Rather, it's a short post about the people on strike.

I pass a grocery store on my daily bike ride to work. Every morning since Oct. 11 I've seen the workers on strike in front of the store. Every morning they've been holding their signs and chatting, sitting in lawn chairs or pacing around, usually just trying to stay warm. I've never had any negative interactions with them, have been impressed with their dedication, and always felt bad as I rode past, off to my nice warm office and labs (and full time job). Now, assuming the contract is agreeable to them, it looks like they might be able to return to work. I'm looking forward to seeing them inside the store, rather than outside

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