Thursday, February 19, 2004


Like many other bloggers, I enjoy nightly perusals of my site's referral logs. I've been generating a list of the various Google search terms (and languages) people have used to get to this site, and was not planning on posting them anytime soon until last night when I found this Google search in my referral logs:
  • adding table salt to fool home drug test marijuana
I was #4 of ~219 sites on Google.

Regarding other searches, nothing nearly as hilarious has popped up. However, here are a few other unusual searches that led people here:
  • pictures of roman cross's: #45 of 216.
  • follicular cyst picture cow: #3 of 39.
The majority of searches have been for things like Radagast and Rhosgobel, and I strongly suspect that many of those searchers were looking for information on the Tolkien character/location and not biology or me (though some hardy souls did search for "Radagast blog", yay!) Thus I hope to post a summary of Radagat and Rhosgobel in the near future.

I've also had a multinational crew reading this blog, as evidenced by Google searches configured for users from Australia, the UK, Finland, Brasil, Denmark, Spain, Turkey, and Austria.

Welcome all!

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