Friday, February 06, 2004

Receivers installed

I installed the PRS receivers in the lecture hall today with the help of my dean. I've got to have one of the coolest deans ever: he skirts around the maintenance folks to let me pound nails into the walls of the lecture halls, and then comes in and spends an hour helping string the wires (ed. note: my dean does not read this blog, so no, I'm not kissing up).

The receivers went up like a charm. EduCue suggests purchasing either an angle iron bracket or EduCue's custom mount (see the bottom of their accessory page). However, the walls in our lecture room were angled perfectly for the units to cover the room, so we used Velcro to attach the units directly to the wall and then used some wire tacks to string the wire across the walls. Not the prettiest or most permanent installation ever, but it should work for now. Next week I'll be able to start asking questions. Yay!

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