Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Joey Kitty

I got a tearful call from my mom this morning before heading off to campus. Joey, one of my mom's two cats, has been diagnosed with cancer and had to be "put to sleep" this morning.

My mom got Joey while I was in high school, and he was the most outgoing kitty I've ever known. Anytime I walked through the door Joey would be there waiting and purring, and even on my recent trip to the Bay Area (when I hadn't seen him for >1.5 years) he wasted no time rubbing up to my leg and jumping on my lap as soon as I'd arrived. Joey was friendly with almost everyone, and most people who knew him fell in love immediately.

Joey had been having a few health problems during my recent visit, but was as loving as ever. A vet visit of a few weeks ago had diagnosed Joey with hairball problems, but this morning my mom went to another vet who did a more thorough job and diagnosed Joey with cancer. The tumors had spread through multiple organs, and the vet said there was no hope.

Noelle, my mom's other cat, is now apparently looking everywhere for Joey. Poor Noelle. My mom's also pretty broken up, as Joey and she were extremely close. In fact, she just got back from spending a bit of time with Joey before he was peacefully "put to sleep". I feel for both of them, and send both my love.

Thus the kindest, most loving cat I've known will not return home, and I'll never see him again. I will miss him.

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