Sunday, December 11, 2005

Civ IV special edition soundtrack track list

My copy of Civ IV has arrived. I've installed it. And played it. And I bet you thought this was the reason I didn't post on Saturday. (actually, it was - I was in the office for more than six hours grading and clearing off my desk; I only played Civ after getting home [and yes, before leaving for work too]).

I bought the special edition of the game, primarily because it came with a soundtrack (though the spiral-bound manual and tech-tree poster are proving to be useful). The track list is only printed on the CD itself, making identifying songs while playing the CD rather difficult. My SO did a Google search for the track list, and surprisingly couldn't easily find one. So, to help rectify this deficiency, here's the full track list:
1. Original Civilization Theme Music by Jeff Briggs
2. Asoka (Indian Leader Theme) by Mark Cromer & Jeff Briggs
3. Alexander (Greek Leader Theme) by Roger Briggs, Jeff Briggs, & Mark Cromer
4. Ancient Soundtrack by Mark Cromer
5. Mansa Musa (Mali Leader Theme) by Michael Curran
6. Isabella (Spanish Leader Theme, based on Mallaguena) by Mark Cromer
7. Ancient Soundtrack by Roger Briggs & Jeff Briggs
8. Saladin (Arabia) by Mark Cromer
9. Washington (American Leader Theme, based on "Washington's Artillery Retreat") by Jeff Briggs, Mark Cromer, & Michael Curran
10. Baba Yet (Menu music) by Christopher Tin
11. Peter the Great (Russian Leader Theme, based on Russian folk song) by Jeff Briggs
12. Huang Shi Ti (Chinese Leader Theme, based on ancient folk tune) by Jeff Briggs & Mark Cromer
13. Unused Opening by Mark Cromer
14. Haya Capac (Inca Leader Theme) by Michael Curran & Jeff Briggs
15. Mao (Chinese Leader Theme) by Jeff Briggs & Mark Cromer
16. Genghis Khan (Mongol Leader Theme, based on Mongol national anthem) by Jeff Briggs
17. Tokugawa (Japanese Leader Theme, based on old Japanese folk song) by Jeff Briggs & Mark Cromer
18. Opening Movie Music by Christopher Tin (featuring Talisman)

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