Thursday, December 01, 2005

A new toy

You, fine reader, may have noticed that there wasn't a new post last night, and may have assumed that this had arrived. If so, you were close, but not quite right.

Yesterday the post was delayed because our new sewing machine arrived, and boy are its specs fun to read: it can do over 800 spm, has more than 200 stitch functions, and comes with the option to purchase dozens of accessories. It's like a game console, except you don't have to keep buying games and can actually make things with it.

New sewing machine
Our new toy: a Kenmore 19233. The stock accessories are displayed in front of the machine.

Neither my SO nor I know how to sew with a machine, but we've wanted to learn (so we could make curtains and do other small projects), so after talking to some friends who sew, we decided to get a machine. The diversity of stitches the machine can do is exciting (to us novices):

Sewing machine's stitch patterns
Oh boy!

Last night I set up the machine, watched the introductory how-to video, and read the 100-page manual to figure out how to use it. Within an hour or so I was sewing away, and by the end of the evening had created this masterpiece:

My very first creation
We are indeed lacking in fabric on which to sew ... I foresee a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics soon.

And what the heck am I doing blogging? I could be figuring out what all those extra feet do!

(oh, and if anyone knows any good sewing resources, I'm all ears)

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