Sunday, June 19, 2005

Delays delays delays ...

My SO and I have been trying to get our remodeling restarted. Our first goal was to fix the mess that Custom Building Product's LevelQuik Rapid Set self-leveling compound made of our floor by purchasing some extended set self-leveling compound (since the rapid set hardened too quickly). However, nobody carries the stuff.

First, we checked Home Depot. Then Lowes. Then we called around to a bunch of other hardware stores in the area. None of them had it. Then we e-mailed the manufacturer (Custom Building Products), and asked them where we could get it. Their website says they'll respond within one business day; we waited two weeks and never heard from them. We e-mailed them again. They again failed to respond. Finally we called them, and they gave us a list of stores in the area to call, as well as telling us that we could special-order what we needed from Home Depot. We called every one of the stores, and none of the stores had the extended set compound in stock (half didn't even know what we were asking for). We finally went to Home Depot and special-ordered the stuff we need; it won't be in for two weeks, which completely stalls our tiling work.

Since we have no shortage of other projects, we decided to get started on some molding work. We bought most of the supplies we need this week (including spending hours picking out moldings), but then discovered that nobody carries the Collins miter clamps one of our books highly recommends for making 90-degree glue joints. The only places we could find that sells the clamps are a few online stores; we ended up ordering them from Collins's online store, but they won't be in until at least late next week.

I wonder what roadblock we'll run into next.

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