Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Does laughing count as exercise?

My SO and I bought some used 80's aerobics tapes a while ago, and like most exercise-facilitating items, they sat completely unused for years. However, inspiration struck us tonight, and we decided to give one of the tapes a try.

I'm very glad no one was watching us.

The tape was Kathy Smith's "Body Basics", and it is supposedly "for beginning to intermediate" exercisers; it left us wondering if there are any tapes designed for the "barely mobile" to "fully capable of walking 10 minutes to the grocery store" group of exercisers. While the tape certainly got our pulse rates up, I think half of the exercise came from us laughing hysterically as we tried (and more often than not failed) to keep up with the moves of Ms. Smith. I have rarely felt so uncoordinated.

However, I will say that the tape seemed to offer a very good workout, and I plan to continue using it.

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