Saturday, June 25, 2005

Thoughts on exercise and blogging

My SO and I are trying to start exercising more regularly (see this post). We know that for us to keep this up we're going to need to apply liberal amounts of pressure to ourselves; thus, we're currently planning on trying to exercise together, which should mean that we can nag each other to exercise. However, I'm not sure that intra-couple nagging will be enough to motivate us. So, I thought of my blog.

What if I were to make a short blog post every time I exercised? That way I'd a) have a running record of all my exercise, b) have a public record of when I didn't exercise, and c) I could be nagged by extra-couple people to make sure I do exercise.

Of course, one problem with this is that reading posts about my exercising would be dreadfully dull. Maybe I could create a separate blog (Rhosgobel's Gym?), and just write about the exercise there? Of course, if that blog ever got a single hit that wasn't from me I'd be shocked, but it still might be motivation enough. My SO suggested using little icons (e.g., a picture of a dumbbell or a videotape) to represent exercising on any given day; that has a certain appeal as well. Maybe I could just post a picture of the type of exercise I did on a given day, along with the duration of the exercise?

We'll see where this goes (if anywhere). Ideas and thoughts are welcome, as always.

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