Friday, June 03, 2005

If it worked for Bush ...

The website for Bret Schundler, a Republican candidate for governor in New Jersey, appears to have had a manipulated photograph from a Howard Dean campaign stop that makes it appear as though Schundler is standing in front of a crowd of his own supporters. PoliticsNJ has the original images, including a screenshot of the website before the image was removed, and has an article on the topic.

Here're the images:

original Dean image
Image from 2004 Howard Dean campaign rally.

Image on Schundler's website
Image from Bret Schundler's website.

combination of the two images
The two images superimposed, with Schundler's image partially transparent on top.

I'll leave it up to you, my fair reader, to play the "find the changes" game. It's hours of endless fun!

Via the Democratic Underground (on their front page; the article doesn't have a permalink).

p.s. If you're confused by the title, see my Yakuza post, as well as this post.

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